Great Retirement Gift Ideas to Make the Day Special

There are people the world over who look forward to their retirement. And why shouldn’t they relish in the opportunity to sit back and relax. It’s a subject that often comes up in the work cafeteria, and one that is frequently aired over the dinner table in many people’s homes. Thoughts of visiting far and distant countries, taking endless long walks in the countryside, or simply lazing around enjoying the company of a good book. All those things you can never find the time for when pursuing a lengthy career. When the day finally arrives, it brings a wealth of mixed emotions. Some will be feeling excited, some will feel sadness, and some won’t know how to feel at all.

As with most things in life there pros and cons. The difficulty is deciding which is right for you. It can be a happy time, because finally there is the unending freedom to do exactly as you please, when you want, where you want, and how you want to do it. With no responsibility for anyone else. On the flip side is the feeling of sadness. For many years work will have filled a large proportion of the day, with co-workers and friends becoming almost like family. Another feeling that many experience is one of trepidation. A feeling at odds with the future, not sure what tomorrow will bring and what to do with all the new found freedom. Even if retirement dreams have been talked about for years.

A great way to add meaning to a person’s retirement day is to find the perfect retirement gift. It may not be the easiest of gift giving challenges, but with the help we’re offering you should breeze through the problem and look forward to more opportunities to put your new found ‘gift’ to good use.

The best retirement gift ideas and how to pick them

vase retirement giftWhen it comes to choosing a gift for someone that is soon to be retiring you should take the time to really consider the person you’re buying the gift for whether it’s your parents, a family friend, coworker or your spouse. There’s also the option of picking a gift that represents the field they worked in or how they might be looking to change their life now their working days are over. Even better would be the best of both worlds.

Does the person you’re buying the gift for have a good sense of humor? They might appreciate a gift that will make them laugh. How about a gift they can keep with them always, such as a joke book, and flick through it when they feel like a giggle. Add a funny quote, or meaningful message inside the front cover so they’ll always be reminded of you.

Has the person got a special hobby they enjoy? Is there a relevant magazine you can buy a year’s subscription of? This is going to be appreciated. If they haven’t already got a hobby is there a gift you can buy that might spark their interest in taking up a new one?

What if it’s a co-worker that’s retiring? There’s a great gift you can create that will involve the whole of the company. An autograph book, filled with good luck messages from co-workers. When the retiree is feeling down and missing all their mates, they’ll just need to get out the book to be reminded. Plaques and gold watches are traditional retirement gift ideas for men and women, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for them in today’s modern world. Bring them up to date with a spot of personalization. As well as expressing gratitude for many years service it could have a photo of all their colleagues, or signatures from them all.

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Top retirement gift ideas for men

retirement gift ideasDo you have an uncle, friend, work colleague, or neighbor who is retiring soon? We’ll be looking at retirement gifts for men here at We’ll be bringing you great gift ideas, and offering some advice on how to pick the right retirement present. Retiring is an event worthy of recognition, not just to mark the end of a career, but also to mark a new beginning. Buying the man in question a memorable gift will help him with the transition, and show how you feel.

Popular retirement gift ideas for women

For ladies, retiring can be a very emotional event. A great way to mark the new chapter in their lives is with one of our retirement gift ideas for women. We appreciate that it isn’t always to find gifts for special occasions, which is why we’ll be sharing some of our favorite ideas with you. It’ll also help if you have some kind of idea of the retirees’ future plans, as this may open up a gift opportunity.

Standing on the threshold of a new life, want a gift that will make her feel special, and loved for all the effort she’s put in. A retirement present that will be useful in her new life is a good way to show your appreciation. Whether you’re looking for a gift for an aunt, mom, sister, work colleague, or neighbour, we’ll have retirement present ideas for you.

Coworker retirement gift ideas and tips

Choosing retirement gifts for coworkers can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if you aren’t best buddies. But you shouldn’t let this put you off, as it’s important to let them know how much you’ve enjoyed working together, So here are a few tips on how to best honor a colleague’s retirement.

Consider pooling resources – Asking other colleagues to chip in will cut down on the cost, and may even be more appropriate. Only in cases of a close relationship would it be considered better to give an individual gift. You should make sure that the gift comes with a card, and everyone adds their own personal message to the person retiring.

Do they have any hobbies? – Buying a gift related to a hobby is a great option, and there are so many retirement present ideas to choose from. Maybe you could buy tickets for a show, sports equipment for the fitness fanatic, or a top quality bottle of wine for the wine buff.

Is there a spouse you can touch base with? – A spouse, partner or close friend can be a great source of gift ideas. See if you can find out what the retirees’ plans are for retirement.

Try and be creative – Did the retiree create, buy, or sell things on the job? Find a gift that makes reference to this, or make something yourself.

No need to be lavish – Extravagant and expensive gifts aren’t a necessity when buying retirement gifts for a colleague. If you don’t really know them very well then a handwritten note or a simple card with a meaningful message is often appropriate.

Be aware that the occasion might not be a happy one – Sometimes retirement is an unhappy occasion. Forced and unplanned retirements are becoming increasingly common, because of illness, layoffs, buyouts, and business closures. Congratulations, or condolences, might not be the right sentiment to be conveying. On these sorts of occasions it might be better to look at a co-worker’s retirement as more of a life transition, rather than leaving the workforce.

Tread carefully with age-related and gag gifts – A gift that draws attention to the retiree’s age or newfound freedom might not be received the same by everyone. Retirement is more of a myth nowadays, and there aren’t many pensioners who spend all week relaxing on the golf course. Retiring is often more of a change of scenery, and a move into a new field of endeavor.

Don’t be afraid of sentimentality – The best retirement gift ideas for a colleague are often a scrapbook, photo album or a collection of handwritten messages. Remembering events in a person’s professional life can have a lot of meaning. It will as a keepsake and bring back fond memories every time the album is opened.

The gift of an experience is an awesome retirement gift idea

As a way of marking a new chapter in their life, why not give the retiree the gift of an experience? There are a wealth of choices, depending on the person’s taste and thirst for excitement. Here are a few examples:

  • NASCAR driving experience
  • Culinary tasting tour
  • Flying lessons
  • Clipper ship sailing
  • Beer making workshop
  • Balloon flight
  • Cruise and dinner
  • Golf lessons
  • White water rafting

And a whole lot more.

Some additional retirement gift ideas for professionals

Should the retirement gift ideas listed above prove insufficient and you find yourself looking for an occupation specific gift suggestion you can check out the additional ideas for:

Whatever gift is chosen it should be one that will be cherished for many years to come. Even if the retiree is a mate from work. Showing them what an influence they have had on you and how much you value their friendship is a good way to mark the occasion. And you can make it so much more by putting some thought and effort into choosing the most perfect and meaningful gift of all.