Retirement gifts for women and How to Pick them Without Stress

How many times have you found yourself spending hours wandering from store to store looking for gifts, only to return home empty handed? How many times have you come home with a stereotypical gift and wished you hadn’t bothered? For both these scenarios, and possibly many more, we’re here to help with some great ideas for the best retirement gifts for women. Ideas that will save you all the stress and worry of gift shopping alone.

Choosing a present for someone can sometimes be an overwhelming task. And the more you stress about finding the perfect gift the harder it will be to find it. When the recipient is a woman who is looking at retirement, then the task can become even harder. Retiring can bring a wealth of emotions. So you want to be sure your gift doesn’t offend, or make the retiree feel she’s over the hill and should be put out to pasture.

When a person has been working their whole life, it’s not easy to wake up and have a clear idea of what to do with all the free time, even if that free time has been longed for. A good way to help will be to pick the right retirement gift for her. One that conveys the message that all is not lost. There is life after retirement, and plenty of it. There is so much more to our existence than simply working everyday to earn a crust.

Before you head to the store, or start clicking through the online gift sites, take a few moments to consider some of our suggestions.

The retirement gift ideas for women in an evolving world

retirement vacantionThe concept of retirement is one that is currently evolving. It doesn’t necessarily mean the end of a working life. For many men and women it is more the end of a full time job. Many people will still need some extra income, and while they may be happy to celebrate their retirement, they will still need to do something that is profitable and productive.

For some people, retirement means that chance to pursue new interests, explore their creative side, start a new business or do something for charity. Therefore, retirement is seen more as a new chapter in life, rather than everything being over. Retirement gifts for women should enable them to make a new start, and celebrate the impending change. It should be a worthwhile show of appreciation and a gift that shows her individuality.

The best retirement gifts for women are those that make them smile

When women reach the age of retirement most of them won’t be looking for more clutter to fill their home. They may be craving for new adventures and experiences. An area of retirement gifts that is becoming more popular is the gift of an experience, rather than something that can be held in two hands. There are plenty of fun and exciting experiences on offer. For example a river cruise, a helicopter flight, a ride in a hot air balloon, cooking classes or a wine tasting experience. Just be sure that it’s unique and matches her taste and thirst for adventure.

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Retirement is a time for reinvention

Many women look at retirement as a time for reinvention. It could include a makeover or a spot of personal pampering. The best retirement gifts for the lady looking for a new look could be a gift voucher for a spa day, a new hairstyle or a consultation with a make-up professional.

This kind of gift is more appropriate for a family member, rather than a work colleague. And you will need to be careful that your gift isn’t seen as the need for an update. Stress to the recipient that the gift is meant to be a chance for personal pampering and indulgence. The opportunity to take care of herself, rather than all the people she has concentrated on for the last few years.

A chance to cherish memories while looking at making new ones

Nowadays, it is really easy to create professional looking videos and digital scrapbooks that commemorate the working life of a retiring colleague. Talk to coworkers and spend some time gathering photos to scan into a collage. Alternatively walk round and use a smartphone to collect messages, quotes, and even embarrassing stories to share with the woman who’s retiring.

There are lots of ways to make this kind of gift memorable, sentimental, and inspirational. Why not make a “This is your life” presentation, and include pages from newspapers from symbolic dates in her life? Alternatively, create a spoof newspaper announcement and include humorous quotes from fellow employees.

Retirement gifts for women that celebrate what she loves

Many retirees will be looking to pursue new creative avenues when retiring. For these ladies a good retirement gift for her will be some tools of the trade. If she’s planning to start painting, then you could give her paints, brushes, and paper. If she’s looking to spend more time in the garden, you could give her some gardening tools, plants, seeds, or gift vouchers for a local nursery. If travel features on her “to do list”, then how about a satellite navigation system, so she’ll never have to worry about getting lost.

The best retirement gifts will always feature items that can be used.

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Top retirement gifts for women

Retirement gifts for women require careful thought and consideration. A gift is being given because you want to convey certain feelings. You may have valued the time you’ve worked with her, and appreciate all she has shared with you. Therefore, you want a gift that is as memorable as she is. But how can you do that without breaking the bank? Read on for some useful tips.

  • Your gift should be unforgettable – A gift doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive in order to be cherished. And you don’t want the recipient to feel guilty about the cost of your gift. Why not consider a jewelry set that includes her birthstone?
  • Give her a group gift – Pool your resources with other friends, family, or coworkers and you’ll be in a position to buy something a little more precious.
  • Consider her hobbies and interests – Don’t give her a gift just for the sake of it. Instead, choose a retirement gift for her that can be used in pursuit of her hobbies. You might have to ask for some help from family and friends, if you don’t know the lady in question, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of.
  • The gift of an experience will make an impact – Retirement is meant to be enjoyable, and for women who have balanced family, home, and work commitments for many years it’s time to enjoy some time of their own. Kick start this new found freedom with the gift of an experience. And it doesn’t have to be one you’ve ordered online. Although we have to admit that some of these options are really very appealing. Take the retiree on a shopping spree, or lunch with other colleagues, or set up a weekly coffee morning meeting so you can catch up and she’ll be able to hear all the latest work-related stories.

Let’s finish up with some more of our favorite retirement gift ideas for women.

9 more thoughtful retirement gifts for her

  • Movie collection – Pick out some of her favorite movie titles or a selection of movies featuring her favorite actor or actress. You might even be able to find something that’s been autographed, or a movie poster she can hang on her wall.
  • retirement gifts for woman who loves travelingTravelling kit – Many ladies plan to travel during their retirement, so the gift of a travel bag filled with useful items will be welcome.
  • Gag gift – If she’s got a sense of humor, then a gag gift will make her chuckle. Have a funny quote printed on a mug or tshirt, or have a poster made with messages that will lighten the baddest of moods.
  • Gardening set – Many females will decide to take up gardening when they retire, so you can help by gifting her a set of gardening tools, or some gardening equipment that will make the job easier.
  • Books – Books can be great retirement gifts for men and ladies. Books can cheer people up on the darkest of days, and can serve as an inspiration, as well as transporting the reader off to other worlds. Find out whether she has any preferences before spending money, as you don’t want your gift to be left gathering dust on a shelf.
  • Hobby set – She may already have a hobby, or be planning to try something new. Whichever the case, there are heaps of gifts you can pick that relate to various hobbies.
  • Chocolates – All ladies love chocolate. Well maybe not all of them, but certainly a high proportion.
  • Flowers – A bouquet of fresh flowers is bound to brighten up her retirement day.
  • Gift voucher – When all else fails, and all options have been explored, there is always a gift voucher for their favorite store.

The best retirement gifts for mom are those that come from the heart. And in order to be meaningful, they don’t have to cost the earth. Something as simple as a card with a thoughtful message will mean much more than an expensive trinket. Whatever you choose, it should celebrate the retiree. What she has done, where she has been and the person that she is today!