Plan a Retirement Surprise for Your Parents – Give Them the Gift of a Retirement Party

Reaching retirement is a defining moment in a person’s life, and when it’s your parents, the event is just calling out for a celebration. A great way to start a new chapter in their lives is by organizing a retirement party. It can be an excellent way to celebrate the old and herald in the new.

Organizing a party can be very simple. It all depends on the scale of the event. However, because this is such an important event in your parent’s life we’re here to help you and ensure the occasion run smoothly. The focal point of the festivities will of course be your parents, but you also need to be sure that friends and family feel as much a part of the celebration too. With the help of our tips we’re sure the gathering will be a success.

But first let’s look at ideas for retirement gifts for parents, just in case they aren’t the kind of couple who enjoy elaborate gestures.

Gifts for retired parents

retirement gift for parentsWhen it comes to choosing gifts for parents adult children are often puzzled about the best thing to give. The gift should be a way of honoring parent’s retirement, but should also be something they can enjoy together. If, for example, your parents enjoy new taste experiences, why not enrol them in a wine-of-the-month club, or a pudding club? This kind of retirement gift for your mom and dad will be an excellent way to encourage them to make new friends, and enjoy relaxed conversation. If your parents enjoy gardening, why not give them some new gardening tools, gloves, or plants? If you’re at all unsure about the kind of plants they’d prefer then take them out for the day to a local nursery.

If your budget allows, think about sending your parents on a vacation. For example a cruise, or tickets to a destination they’ve dreamed of visiting. Locations with special significance will also be good places for them to spend some time, such as the place they visited for their honeymoon, or the first family vacation you enjoyed together.

Now you’ve got a few suggestions for gifts for retired parents, let’s move on to the organization of a surprise party.

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Tips on throwing a retirement party they’ll be talking about for years

Expressing love and affection is a sure fire way to warm your parent’s heart. Remember those handmade gifts you brought home from school, made with all the love of a child, that brought a tear to your mom’s eye? Remember the smile on your dad’s face when you presented him with a set of diamond cufflinks for his 60th birthday? Gifts for retired parents are great, but throwing them a surprise retirement party will give them something to remember for many years to come.

Our first piece of advice is, don’t leave things till the last minute. Instead, take the pro-active approach and start planning early. And to help, you might want to keep reading, because we’re going to share some of our tried and tested tips.

  • retirement party for parentsWrite it all down – Start planning straight away, by deciding on a date. Keep a notebook with you all the time, so you can jot down ideas, compile a guest list, and stay in control of all the details. However, it doesn’t have to be a paper notebook, as there are many notebook apps that can be downloaded onto a phone. Decide on a deadline for the tasks, and regularly check your notes to make sure your party plans are still on track.
  • Decide on a budget – Once you’ve decided on a budget, planning can really get under way. Make sure you include the cost of decorations, food, invitations, photographer, and entertainment.
  • Enlist the help of others – Trying to cope with all the preparations alone is going to be a nightmare. You must have lots of willing volunteers to help out with decorating the venue, creating a slideshow, taking photographs, and you might even know someone who can provide the entertainment.
  • What do your parents like? – You might not do it on purpose, but it will be very easy to put your own slant on the event. What needs to be remembered is that this is a party for your parents, and should reflect their taste not yours. Think about their favorite food, music, and maybe even colors.
  • Remember the invitations – If you don’t send out the invitations, your parents are going to feel very alone at their retirement party. And remember to let everyone know, by way of the invitation, that the party is a big secret. Make sure you include any special arrangements, such as parking vehicles away from the event, and give another contact number, rather than yours, in case guests have any questions.
  • Don’t let the secret slip – When the big day arrives, try and behave as normal as possible, otherwise you’ll raise your parent’s suspicions and the cat will be out of the bag. Try and keep your routine the same as it always is, and try an organize the venue without your parents knowing. Preparations on the day should start early, at least a couple of hours before the first guests arrive. And make sure you’re back at home with your parents long before the guests arrive. It’ll be a great surprise for your parents to find everybody waiting for their arrival.
  • Make sure it’s a surprise – Don’t let on to your parents that you’re taking them to a party. Instead, say you just want to take them out to dinner. Keep the lights off while your parents enter the party room, and then turn them on and let the guests shout “SURPRISE”. Be sure to have the photographers primed and ready, because the look on their faces is one that should be captured on film.

    Having friends and family gathered together in one place to wish your parents a happy retirement is going to be an unforgettable time. Including tasty food, lively entertainment, and meaningful speeches will certainly add to the event. Organizing a surprise retirement party for your parents is a great way to express your love and admiration. It’s going to be a lot of hard work, but we promise it will be worth it.

    And don’t forget about picking retirement gifts for parents, as this will add to the special nature of the day. Pick gifts for retired parents with your heart, and they’ll be reminded of your love every time they look at your gift.