Good Retirement Gifts to Celebrate a Person’s Achievements and Make Them Feel Special

The idea of retirement is a fairly new concept. In most countries it was introduced during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Up until that time it was more a case of lower life expectancy, and the lack of any pension arrangements, that caused individuals to continue to work until death. Germany was the very first country to introduce the idea of retirement, almost 150 years ago.

Best retirement gifts for men

Best retirement gifts for menRetirement is a significant milestone for many people. After years of working hard, it’s a time to relax and live a stress-free life. Retirement gives people the chance to reap the rewards of all the hard work they’ve put in over the years. Another good side of retirement is receiving much-awaited retirement gifts from family and friends, and possibly even an employer.

When it comes to choosing retirement gifts for men, it’s important to pick something that’s special. And something that will remind the retiree of the giver of the gift. There are heaps of retirement gifts to choose from, and often a good retirement gift will be based on a special memory. But if you’ve found yourself stuck for a good retirement gift ideas keep reading for our suggestions.

  • A box of cigars – Possibly not the kind of gift to suit everyone, especially nowadays when smoking has become very unpopular. There are, however, plenty of smokers around, and many men who really enjoy smoking a high quality cigar.
  • Flowers and a handwritten note – You might be thinking that this is a gift more suited for a woman, but you’d be wrong. Why shouldn’t you give flowers to a man that’s retiring? It’s a great way to send best wishes and congratulations for the future.
  • Dinner voucher – If the guy who’s retiring is a food lover then this will be the perfect retirement gift for him. If the retiree has a favourite restaurant, then a voucher for dinner there will be outstanding.
  • Gardening tools – Now that he’s retired there are going to be hours of free time to enjoy pottering around the garden. So why not give him some gardening tools to make his chores easier?

gold cards as retirement gift

Good retirement gifts for women

gardening tools as retirement gift for herFinding the right retirement gifts for women can be a little challenging. After all, you don’t want to buy them something that hints they’re over the hill and past it, and it can sometimes be very difficult to adjust to retirement. Up until retirement day life was pretty much laid out with regular responsibilities and commitments. Now the big day is here, there are suddenly hours in the day that need to be filled with something worthwhile, and it’s not always easy to know what to do.

There are, however, ways you can help with useful retirement gifts for women. Pick the right retirement gift for her and convey the message that life’s not over. There are so many other things to do besides working. If you’re stumped for ideas, consider some of the following.

  • Add some fun to the occasion – Turn up the humor with a customized gift. Have your gift printed with a favorite quote, joke or message that will lighten the mood. But remember that everyone is different and so if a sense of humor.
  • A travelling kit – For many people retirement is the chance to do some long awaited travelling, and to visit places they’ve dreamed of their whole lives. Many retirees will have a bucket list that includes some exotic locations. A gift that will help them on their travels will be well received.
  • Gardening set – Gardening is a very relaxing pastime for ladies who are retired. A gardening set will help with this activity and encourage those who are looking for a way to put their free time to good use.
  • Hobby set – Retirement is the time to experiment with new things and a great option is to start a new hobby. If the lady in question is interested in something in particular, such as knitting or painting, help them nourish this interest by giving them an art set or some unusual knitting patterns.

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Great retirement gifts for parents

Giving retirement gifts to parents is becoming an increasingly popular idea. A gift that parents can enjoy together will often be one of the best retirement gift ideas. This is where the gift of an experience comes into its own. Enroll parents in a pudding of the month club, or book them a tour of local vineyards. If your parents enjoy spending time in the garden give them the gift of some new garden furniture, or some new tools, gardening equipment, seeds, seedlings or plants. You could even take them on a trip to their local garden center so they can get some ideas for a landscaping project.

If your budget allows consider sending your parents on the trip of a lifetime. Find a location with special significance, such as their honeymoon destination, or the location of the first family holiday you enjoyed together. This is a good way to bring back fond memories, whereas a journey to an exotic location will rekindle their spirit of adventure.

Best nurse retirement gifts

The work that nurses do is admirable, and finding a way to mark the occasion of their retirement is important. A nurse plays an important role in many people’s lives, not just patients but family members too. Throughout their career the needs of others will have been the main concern, and it’s time to turn the tables, and give them a gift that looks after their needs. Think about the individual and what you know about their personality and interests, and find a retirement gift that matches. Here are a few ideas to start you thinking.

  • A gift basket filled with all their favorite treats
  • A pendant of Saint Agatha, the patron saint of nurses
  • A book filled with messages from some of their previous patients and co-workers
  • A personalized calendar with photos taken throughout their career

Teacher Retirement Gifts Ideas to Make Him Happy

Retirement gifts to make a teacher smileIt takes a special kind of person to be a teacher, and therefore it requires an incredible teacher retirement gift. Throughout their career they will have touched the lives of many different people, passing on their knowledge and helping young people to grow and develop. They will be going from quite a regimented lifestyle to one that has very little structure, so new interests will likely form a large part of their retirement. A gift that reflects this will be perfect.

Doctor Retirement Gifts to Show Respect With

When your favorite doctor is retiring you’ll be wanting a gift that says thank you for all their hard work and dedication. Retirement gifts for doctors can be quite difficult to pick, as you probably don’t know very much about them personally. In which case the gift you pick should reflect and celebrate their career. How about a fun gift in the shape of a personalized t-shirt, mug, or sweatshirt. “Old Doctors never die, they just lose their patience” might be a humorous quote to have printed on something.

blue earrings for her - surprise for retirementFinding great retirement gifts isn’t always easy. The person you’re buying for could be a teacher, doctor, nurse, boss, co-worker, family member or friend. You may know a lot about the retiree, or you may know very little at all. It could be a female or a male that the retirement gift is for, or it could be a gift for a couple. Whatever the scenario you don’t need to worry, because we’re here to help with some great ideas for retirement gifts. Finding the right kind of gift is always going to be easier with a little help and inspiration. Here, at we’ll be featuring lots of ideas and suggestions over the coming months, so make sure you mark our site as one of your favorites. Retirement is a significant event in many people’s lives, so you’re bound to be faced with the challenge of finding the best retirement gifts. With our help, you’ll find the challenge a little easier.

We’ll be featuring lots more interesting, exciting, unusual and unique ideas for all kinds of special people on other pages. So stay tuned and keep reading for more great retirement gift ideas.

Good retirement gifts tradition in history

Once upon a time, well not that long ago really, people could expect to work for the same company for all their working life. Or at least a large proportion of it spent working for one company. It was more usual for people to work at the same place for 30 to 40 years. After starting at the bottom and working their way up through the ranks. When retirement came a knocking employees could look forward to walking away from the job with a special plaque and possibly a gold watch.

The tradition of giving a gold watch for a retirement gift was started back in the 1940’s by “Pepsi Co”. It was their way of saying “You gave us your time, now we are giving you ours”. The watches would have been made of 18 carat gold, and there were different versions, depending on a person’s standing in the company. It was obviously not going to be a tradition that lasted because gold became increasingly expensive. In order to cut costs, in the late 60s and early 70s the watches became gold plated. And nowadays there are very few companies that give gold watches as a retirement gift.

Well, now we’ve put the idea of a gold watch as a retirement gift to bed, let’s consider some of the other retirement gifts ideas and options when you’re faced with the task.

To finish up this page let’s look at some famous quotes about retirement. Some will make you laugh and some will make you cry.

“The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off!”
Abe Lemons

“Middle age is when work is a lot less fun, and fun is a lot more work”
Author Unknown

“There is never enough time to do all the nothing you want”
Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

“When a man retires, his wife gets twice the husband, but only half the income”
Chi Chi Rodriguez

“Retirement is like a long vacation in Las Vegas. The goal is to enjoy it the fullest, but not so fully that you run out of money”
Jonathan Clements

“It is better to live rich than to die rich”
Samuel Johnson

“You can be young without money but you can’t be old without it”
Tennessee Williams